October 9, 2021 - Fayetteville Square

The field is full, but you can join the waiting list at BikeReg!

The field is full, but you can join the waiting list at BikeReg!

Event Information

Introducing the Arkansaw High Country Race “Short Circuit”, featuring just the Northwest loop of the Arkansas High Country Route and perfect for the weekend warrior OR ultra-endurance athlete looking for a limit-pushing course.

For 2021, we are excited to create an opportunity for more folks to experience the Arkansaw High Country Race by opening an additional 50 slots specific to the “Short Circuit” and a 240 mile stand-alone race featuring just the Northwest loop of the Arkansas High Country Route.  The cost is $100. 

With 3 distinct loops comprising the Arkansas High Country Route, look for the “Short Circuit” loop to change as the host community for the Arkansaw High Country Race moves around the course every two years.

Both race distances will take part in the same pre-race meeting and the same grand depart, leaving Fayetteville, Arkansas on Saturday morning October 6th at 7:30am!

You might be “that guy” who thinks he can ride this 240-mile course in under 24 hours.  Or you might opt to ride 50 miles a day and get a feel for self-supported racing.

Standard race rules also apply with the “Short Circuit” race. 


Stated briefly, the race is self-support, riders must register with Track Leaders, and the course can be raced in either direction.  There will be no aid stations or sag trucks.

WHAT? The Short Circuit Race will follow the Northwest Loop of the Arkansas High Country Route.  Go to Adventure Cycling Association for the maps.  Get the official race GPX here.

WHEN?  The Grand Depart is October 9, 2021.  The race ends after 120 hours.  If you continue riding after 120 hours, you are not part of the official race.

WHO?  Serious racers will want to finish in under 36 hours.  We doubt anyone can finish in under 24 hours.  Come prove us wrong!  Personal challenge riders will need to finish within the 120-hour window.  We understand the need to face your limits on a course like this.  Can you ride 50 miles and day for five days?  Come test yourself!

HOW?  This is a self-supported race.  In other words, there are no aid stations or sag trucks.  Get your food and water at stores along the route.  Find your campsites or hotels.  Have a plan for getting back to Fayetteville if you break down.

WHERE?  Fayetteville!  The start and finish are on the historic square.

COST?  $100 plus your registration with Trackleaders.  (You can register your GPS with Trackleaders for about $20.  You can rent a SPOT GPS from Trackleaders for about $75.)

WHY?  18,000 feet of climbing in 240 miles.  Why would you NOT want to do that?!?


Event Parking

Compliments of Experience Fayetteville, all participants will be provided secure, complimentary parking during their race for one standard size vehicle. Prior to the race, event participants will be issued a parking code for accessing the Meadow Street Municipal Parking Deck, located off W. Meadow Street directly behind the Graduate Fayetteville – the event’s Host Hotel. Participants are asked to use Parking Level 3, where no real vehicle height concerns exist.

Fayetteville Town Center

Mandatory Pre-Race Meeting

We are excited to partner with the Fayetteville Town Center to host the 2021 Mandatory Pre-Race Meeting Friday evening October 8th at 6pm. The venue is located on Fayetteville’s Historic Downtown Square at 15 W. Mountain Street.  Expect a big party in 2021!

After the meeting, participants will find a large variety of local culinary options for dinner all within walking distance of the Fayetteville Town Center. From Tiny Tim’s Pizza and West Mountain Brewing Co. to Cheers at the OPO and Hugo’s – there is no shortage of local flavor in Downtown Fayetteville.


Host Hotel

The Arkansaw High Country Race is excited to partner with the Graduate Fayetteville for our Host Hotel accommodations in 2021. Conveniently located directly off Fayetteville’s Historic Downtown Square at 70 N. East Avenue, the Grand Depart and neutral race rollout begins directly in front of the hotel!

As Host Hotel, the Graduate Fayetteville is offering discounted room rates for event participants from October 8th - 23rd – meaning participants can take advantage of a discount both pre- and post-race.

Additionally, as a nationally recognized Bicycle Friendly Business, the Graduate Hotel is offering secure indoor bicycle storage with ample room for event participants pre-race and you will find the property to be cycling friendly and accommodating.


Artwork credit:  Mullen Team Sports  https://www.facebook.com/mullenscreenprinting

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